ISCMBT is a peer-reviewed annual conference on Medical and Biological Research. It publishes both theoretical and experimental high-quality papers of permanent interest, published in journals in the fields of Medical and Biological.


Medical technologies are our hope for a better tomorrow

The Message

studies and research that advance education and meet its priorities by investing in available capacities and potential.

Conference Aims

Exchange the scientific experiences between researchers on the international level and know about the newest health and medical scientific technologies and search for perfect diagnostic and treatment ways

Conference Themes

TOPIC 1 : Medical laboratories technologies

  • Microbiology
  • Immunology
  • Clinical chemistry
  • Molecular technology

TOPIC 2 : Community Health Technologies

  • Environmental Health
  • Communicable disease and illness
  • Health and therapeutic nutrition

TOPIC 3 : Nursing Technologies

  • Nursing and nursing care
  • Nursing of Maternal and new born Health
  • Pediatric nursing

TOPIC 4 : Pharmaceutical & therapeutical Technologies

  • Medicines and treatments
  • Clinical Pharmacy
  • Industrial Pharmacy