Dr. Hanan Ezz El-Din Azzam

She holds the position of Professor of Neuro-Psychiatry at the Faculty of
Medicine, Ain Shams University, from 8/20/2014 to date.
Born in Cairo 1972.
She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery from the Faculty
of Medicine, Ain Shams University, 1995 Diploma in Psychiatric Practice,
Guy’s Hospital, England Master’s degree in Neurology and Psychiatry,
2000 Arab Fellowship in Psychiatry 2001 Doctorate degree in psychiatry
2004 Advanced post-doctoral training at the University of Melbourne,
Dr. Hanan has more than 50 research papers published in international and regional journals
She received Prof. Ahmed Okasha and Prof. Adel Sadiq and the Doctors Syndicate Awards
for International Publishing In addition to her participation as a lecturer in many
international conferences.


Dr. Khalid Subhi Ibrahim

My main interests are in the Biomedical Sciences and I have experience in
diagnostic and molecular microbiology as well as clinical biochemistry
using a range of tissue types and samples. I have also used molecular
techniques and Next Generation Sequencing to look at Microbiota/
Microbiome in humans and rodents and what is the microbiota relate to
health and disease. I have extensive knowledge in investigating the role of
changes in gut bacterial communities (microbiome) in faecal samples from
both rodent models and humans with obesity and Type 2 diabetes mellitus
(T2DM). In addition, I am interested in research in pediatric septicemia
with various microorganisms and their multidrug resistant. I have got this
extensive scientific knowledge through my first 14 years of science demonstrating, teaching and research at
both Department of Biology/University of Zakho and College of Veterinary Medicine